Sunday, May 13, 2012


 Old toboggan shelter on Marble Mtn
 Whiteface ski resort
 Mirror Lake (Lake Placid)

Top of Esther

Top of Whiteface

Yesterday we hiked Whiteface and Esther. We started at the trail head from Marble Mtn road at 6:45. We hiked up the rocky, steep trail to the summit of Marble Mtn which was once a ski area. We reached the summit at 7:30 then headed over to Lookout Mtn where the herd path to Esther would start. It was pretty flat going over to Lookout Mtn. and the herd path was marked by a huge cairn and a small sign saying ESTHER MTN (not a marked trail). We reached Esther around 9:45 and stopped for about ten minutes then headed back down for Whiteface. The climb up Whiteface wasn't bad and we crossed "The Wilmington Trail" which is a ski trail on the right side of Whiteface (looking on the map) which for the most part is a very flat trail down to the Lookout lift. When we got to a spot on the hiking trail that was very close to the Memorial Highway going up the backside of Whiteface we decided to take the road since the trail was starting to get icy. When we got to the end of the road we walked up stairs they had built to the top of the mountain. This is where the wind started to kick in. We reached the summit about 12:30 and left to go back down at 12:50. We took the road down the rest of the way which was pretty boring but easier and quicker. We finished our day very early at 3:45.
-ADK Gurl


  1. He are starting to get to the 1/2 way point. Have you thought about what peek is next?

    You made a great call on hiking up the road for that last little bit as well as hiking back down the road. We would have missed the views. It was cool first looking down on Ester and then as we got lower Ester was looking down on us.

  2. OK, I'm all caught up on your adventures. How are your shoes holding up? That's a lot of hiking so far this year!

    Loved the picture of Mini buried in snow (cute).

    I'm really impressed and it also looks like a lot of fun.
    Keep going, I'll be reading ;)