Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Huffing on Hough

 Top of Dix
 Elk Lake from Dix
 Top of Hough
View off of Dix

On Sunday we hiked Dix and Hough. It was a tough climb but very enjoyable and very pretty. We started from Elk Lake at 6:30. Parking would've been an issue if we had gotten there 10 minutes later. It is a very small parking lot and it gets filled up very quickly. The walk in was nice but got more rugged after the turn off for the herd path for Macomb. We went up the Beckhorn trail and it was quite steep but was very pretty with views of the Great Range and Elk Lake all the way up. We got to the top of Dix at 12:00 and had our lunch. We then went back to the Beckhorn and were confused on where the herd path began. At the top of the Beckhorn is a trail off to left (as you are coming off of Dix) and it is a steep, narrow trail that leads you along the ridge. We got to the top of Hough around 2:00 and then headed to the Lillian Brook herd path. It was steep until we came to the brook where it felt flat instead of losing elevation. Once we hit the main trail we made a left and headed out. It was a good trip and was absolutely gorgeous.
-ADK Gurl