Sunday, April 29, 2012

Snow Dial

 Great Range from Noonmark's shoulder
 Dix from the trail to Nippletop
 Top of Dial
 Top of Nippletop
 Hiking down Nippletop
Giant from the Ausable club

Yesterday we hiked Dial and Nippletop. It was a very chilly morning to start and there was snow everywhere starting around 2,400 feet. I was cold for most of the trip which is a shocker because usually I am super warm. We reached the summit of Dial around 11:00 and then started to head over to Nippletop. We reached Nippletop around 1:30 and had lunch. Nippletop had a very good view of the great range and Dix on the other side. When we hiked down we came down through Elk Pass which was supposed to be very steep since we had to drop 1,000 feet in one mile. Since it was snowy there were only a couple difficult sections. We came down the trail we took when we did Colvin and Blake. It was definitely a nicer trail without the rain. It was a gorgeous day in the end and we finished our hike around 7:30. A long and hard day for the second hike of the season.
-ADK Gurl


  1. Another great day with you. It may be a few weeks before our next adventure, the spring melt will bring muddy conditions. You forgot to mention dinner at the Noonmark and "the pie".