Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Descions, Descions

In the Fall of 2010 my dad asked me this question: "Would you like to become a Forty-Sixer?" "What's that Dad" I asked already knowing what it is. "A Forty-Sixer is a person who has hiked all 46 high peaks in New York State." My Dad would say. I nodded my head "I will think about it." Later that night when I was trying to fall into a layer of sleepI thought about this "Forty-Sixer" thing. I hated hiking for one thing. I am extremly sensetive to mosquitos. The only things I could think of is I would be in shape and I would be able to say I did it. One thing that always gets me worked up is this. "Guess what!" a friend would ask. "what?" I would ask knowing that it would be something that I would roll my eyes secretly about. They might say "Oh I got a gold time in swimming last weekend." (a gold time is a very good time that you can get in a swim meet and like three gold times will get you into championships or semi championships or what ever that stuff is.) The problem is is that I myself am not the best swimmer out there I will say that. I am on a Suburban League and a lot of my friends are on National League which is a bigger deal than Suburban. Some of my friends do both Suburban and National. But back to the subject. I would be able to do that and get what I call "secret revenge." Revenge that no one knows that you are getting at except your trully. So the next day I told my dad I had decided to become a Forty-Sixer. And so he got us sleeping bags, a tent and all this other fancy stuff. It may look like I'm not totally in to this hiking buissness but in the fall and most of the winter I wasn't but now that ski season is over (I'm very into skiing) I'm into it and just about ready. But when I decided to become a Forty-Sixer my Dad said "You should make a blog to inspire other kids to become a Forty-Sixer as well. But with this large a post I hardly doubt any kid would read all this (if this was a website I was looking at I definetlly would not) but if you are a kid who is reading his or an adult for that matter my Dad and I have already tried to climb Cascade and Giant but we have not succeeded. Whatever. We will hike them agian (the reason we didn't finish Giant was becasue I was smaller the reason why we didn't finish Cascade was because the weather was HORRIBLE!) Well we are going to start in late April so I won't post anything for a while! (the reason why I created the blog a month before is because I was really boerd)
-ADK Gurl