Sunday, July 22, 2012

Panting Panther and Ouchy Couchy

 Top of Couchsachraga
 View off of Panther
 Santanoni Lean-to
Top of Panther

Yesterday we hiked Couchsachraga and Panther. We had also hoped to grab Santanoni but sometimes things just don't work out. We started at 5:30 on Saturday morning with full packs in hopes of grabbing a campsite to pitch a tent. We headed up the trail with Biji from a forum my Dad is apart of. The road was about 1.5 miles I would say and then another 3.5 miles up the trail to the campsite. Once you hit the trail we were on a steady upwards climb but it wasn't all that bad. We past the start of the herd path up to Time Square and kept going for about .3 miles to the lean-to. All the legal and illegal campsites around there were occupied by tents already so we settled for the lean-to. We dropped our packs turned around and headed for the herd path. The beginning of the herd path around Bradley Pond was confusing we searched for the path for about a half hour before finally finding it. The key is when you see the cairn by the pond go straight and around to the left right over the beaver dam. We continued up a very rugged herd path along Panther Brook. Once we reached Harold Square we made a right onto Panther. The climb to Panther was very short and not to hard. Once you got to the top there were great views. We had our lunch and headed down over to Couchy. It took about 2 hours to get over there. It was rugged, muddy, slick, and steep in some spots. The bog in the col between the ridge and Couchy was passable but I suspect if it hadn't been as dry as it had been it would've been worse. It took about an hour and 45 minutes to get back to the ridge where we decided it was too much to go onto Santanoni. Down we went again on the rugged Panther Brook herd path. We got back to the lean-to about 8. It was a long long day and we were exhausted. After the trip I actually find that I like lean-to's better than sleeping in a tent. In the morning we packed up and left around 8 and headed down back to the car. We ended our trip at 10:40 with sights set on Santanoni in the fall.
-ADK Gurl

Friday, July 20, 2012

Nyece and Easy On Nye and Street

The split to Street and Nye
 Top of Street (sorry it is so dark, the sun caused it to be this way)
Top of Nye

View from trail

Last weekend we hiked Street and Nye. We started off early at 6:30 from the ADK Loj. The hike was pretty flat going in untill we reached Nye Brook which was when the trail started gaining elevation and the day started getting hotter. The hike up was hard in the heat and deer flies pestered us endlessly. At one point I was ready to turn around but we kept heading up. Around 9:30 we hit the trail junction and headed towards Street. From the junction we headed up a little bit but not much. We were at the summit of Street at 10. We turned around and headed onto Nye. The climb up Nye wasn't really much of a climb but more like a like a staircase. We got to the summit of Nye at 11:30. Then we headed back down. The deer flies were what kept driving us down the mountain. We finished our hike at 2 right as storms were starting to come in.
-ADK Gurl

Monday, July 2, 2012

Cold Winds On Colden

 New bridge over Marcy Brook
 Mount Colden
 Avalanche Lake
 Hitch-up Matilda
 View off of Colden
Top of Colden

This weekend we hiked Mount Colden. We decided it would be our first camp out of the year. We started around 6:30 on Saturday from the ADK Loj. We hiked into Avalanche Camp and set up camp before our long day. We continued and headed into Avalanche Pass which was very rugged and slow going. We finally made it around Avalanche Lake which was gorgeous and onto to Lake Colden which wasn't nearly as rugged. The climb up Colden was extremely steep and slow going. We had to gain 2000 feet in 1.6 miles. Once we were on open rock the trail was hard to follow and we had to experiment going different ways to get to the top. We reached the summit around 1:30. The winds on top of Colden were strong enough to knock you off your feet. We ate our lunch and headed down the Lake Arnold trail which wasn't nearly as hard. It was moderately steep all the way down and was very easy. We reached camp at 5:00 and went to bed early. We started our hike out around 9:00 the following morning and got back to the ADK Loj around 10:30. It was a good first camping trip.
-ADK Gurl