Sunday, June 24, 2012

All Out On Allen

Mist over the Hudson

Top of Allen

Attempting to cross Lake Jimmy

Turtle on trail

Yesterday we hiked Allen. Now that is a hard hike. We started at 5 in the morning at a good steady pace with my dad's friend from whose screen name is Yonzor. The hike was really long and we had to cross the Hudson River and the Opalescent. On the way up we saw a turtle, a snake, a bunch of frogs, and a dead deer. We reached summit around 12:45-ish due to a half hour of bushwhacking around Lake Jimmy and heading up the wrong slide about a quarter mile to the top. We were turned around immediately at the summit due to thunderstorms. On the way back we spotted more frogs, a wild turkey and beavers. We finished our hike around 9:30 a couple hours later than we wished to have finished.
-ADK Gurl