Saturday, April 23, 2011

We Did It!

The other day we hiked Cascade and Porter. We started around 8:00 and headed up to Cascade from the road. The trail was very snowy and pretty. The only bad part about  the snow was that with the snow there was ice and I kept slipping. It was steep from the start to the end. It never really flattened out. When we reached the split for Porter we headed onto Cascade. we walked about .1 miles until we reached a rock climb. There was only one spot that was difficult but that was only because I was short. We u got to the summit around 12:30. We had our lunch then headed over to Porter. It was very steep going down into the col but the climb up to Porter was not all that bad. We got to the top of Porter at 1:30. Then went back to the other trail. We then headed back down the trail. We got to the car at 5:45. It was a good day.

Top Of Cascade

My Dad and I at the top of Porter...along with Mini

Top of Porter

Seperation of Porter and Cascade

This is me hiking up cascade

Trail head to Cascade

-ADK Gurl

Monday, April 18, 2011

Starting Out Easy

My Dad and I have decided we are going to start this estimated 3 year adventure this Friday, April 22. 2011. My dad bought me a stuffed penguin in a ski patrol outfit to come along with us on all of our hikes. Lets cut to the chase on this we are going to hike Cascade and Porter on Friday. Which are one of the easier two of 46.
-ADK Gurl