Monday, August 15, 2011

First Peak Under 4,000 Feet

Gill Brook

Hiking down the private road to the trail

The trailhead Minni is getting a piggy back ride as always (you can see him on the right side of the picture in my pack)

The Santanonis



Top of Covin

Top of Blake

Blake Peak

The Ausable Club House

We climbed Blake and Colvin on Thursday and Friday Blake is our first High Peak under 4,000 ft. We were going to aim for Nippletop too but it rained and destroyed our spirts to do that climb. We went to the Ausable Road trail head and hiked the 3 miles of private road that your not aloud to drive on unless you are a club member. Once we got to the first trail to hike up to Colvin and Blake my Dad asked me if I wanted to stay on the road and get on a different trail farther up or take a trail that got us off the road faster. I voted to stay on the road a while longer. When we got to the second trail it had a steep section and crossed a brook once. When we met up with the other trail there were three campsites. One on the left that we saw first, and two more on the right. The first campsite we saw on the right was popular we saw someone had set up came the Wednesday before and the Thursday we hiked. The last campsite was at least .1 miles farther up and it was a steep climb to do with a heavy pack. We chose for the site on the left. You had to cross two brooks to get to the campsite and when you looked around you discovered you were on an island. I had a bunch of Gatorade at the campsite so I booked up the trail to Colvin from all the energy it gave me. My balance was great and I was quick thinking. When we got to the top of Colvin we stopped for lunch and took a nice long break. Then went over to go hike Blake. It was a hard mile and a half of steep downhill and steep uphill. It was a pain. When we were hiking back to our campsite it was POARING DOWN RAIN!!! So much for the great weather that the weather man had predicted. The next day we hiked out the other trail. The one we didn't take going in. It was a very nice trail and very pretty.
-ADK Gurl

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  1. This was a great trip despite the rain we had. You did great, I know you got very low on the way down Colvin but a little hot chocolate and your spirits came right back and we were able to reminisce about the day while we were warm and dry in the tent. Every adventure is getting better as we learn more and challenge ourselves more. The next trip will be a little harder as we tackle our next peaks. Thanks for being such a great hiking partner.