Monday, August 29, 2011

Didn't Find The Needle...But Found The Dime!

Basin from Haystack

WARNING: This spot looks confusing because of the logs. We crossed the brook then crossed it again. The real trail is if you go straight instead of across it.

Slant Rock

Marcy and Panther Gorge from Haystack

Dad, Minni and I at the top of Haystack

A wierd plant that looks like a vase with flowers almost at the top of Haystack

Haystack and Little Haystack from "Haystack Bump"

Johns Brook Lodge

Minni pointing us in the right direction

On Friday we hiked Haystack! It was definitely one to do again. We started from the garden with weight on our shoulders. It was my third backpacking adventure. We hiked past the Johns Brook Lodge (JBL) and continued onto Bushnell Falls where the first option to camp out was. We were aiming for Slant Rock but our plans didn't work out when my shoulders were screaming. So we dropped our packs and headed for Haystack. We hiked up the gorge and were tired but had to keep on going...There was only a mile left!!! We reached the top of "Haystack Bump." A mound of rocks that was before Little Haystack and Haystack. Then went on to Little Haystack where we had .3 miles left. Well that was the longest three tenths I've ever taken. Those three tenths took ONE HOUR! But it was worth it! :) At the top of Haystack it was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!! You have a great view of Panther Gorge which was a gorge on the side of Marcy and good views of Marcy too. The hike down was quick I was telling my dad about the books I am reading. It felt like the hike down took a half hour! When I start rambling I guess I really ramble! The campsite we had was not as great as the one at Colvin and Blake but it was nice. The hike out was a long 5.3 miles but we were done by lunch and before Irene hit. The bridge to the Garden was wiped out so we would have been stranded! But luckily we were on the safe side.
-ADK Gurl


  1. Wow that was one great trip. You a strong hiker, remember we weighed your back - 18 lbs, you carried it for 5.3 miles in and and then back put again. I can't wait to go with you again.

  2. Awesome!
    I'm glad Minni was there to keep you guys on the trail so you wouldn't get lost. ;)

    Keep it up Julia, it is hard to keep going when you are tired but if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other you will make it.