Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saw All The Views

 Lower Ausable Lake
 Top of Sawteeth
 The Great Range
Gothics from Sawteeth

On Thursday we set out for our last High Peak to do. We began our hike at 6:30 from the Ausable club and made the long walk to the end of the Lake Road. We took a stop at Rainbow Falls then headed up the Scenic Trail. It was really rugged going along the lake but very pretty. Once we started heading up the mountain the climb was very steep and hard but there were many amazing lookouts onto the lake. The trail wasn't too long but took us a good three hours to get to the summit. We reached the top at 11:45. We brought sparkling apple cider with us to celebrate. It was hard to wrap my head around the fact that I had finished. It didn't seem like I would ever be finished. There's always another mountain to climb and another view to see. We left the summit at 12:15 and headed down the opposite side to the trail that goes up to Pyramid. The climb down was quick and we were back on the Lake Road at 2:15. We made our back to the car and finished up at 3:30 as 46ers.
-ADK Gurl


  1. What a great effort - you are now done. Whats next?

  2. Hi ADKGurl. I am friends with your Dad on the adk high peaks forum. My screen name is mrsmileyns. I just wanted to comment and let you know I recently finished the 46 last week. So about 1 year after you. I wanted you to know that I read all your posts while I was hiking the 46 and your reports were inspirational and helped me. It made me think...if you could it, so could I. I wanted you to know that the things we put out there do make a difference and people are listening and reading. Putting positive vibes out does matter!! Thanks a lot and happy hiking.


    1. Thank you and congratulations on your finish!