Sunday, June 16, 2013

Santa Baby

 Top of Santanoni
 Santanoni Brook
Santanoni Brook... again.

Last weekend we set out on our third attempt on Santanoni. The first time we grabbed Panther and Couchsachraga and didn't want to have to go down the Panther Brook trail in the dark, and the second time,  in May, there was about five feet of snow that we were not prepared for. We started from the trail head at 6:30 am and headed down the private road then onto the trail. The first bridge on the trail was out and we had to cross the brook. There were many rocks that made crossing easy. The trail was very muddy but that was expected since there had been a lot of rain. We turned onto the Express trail and headed up to the summit. The trail wasn't too steep but was muddy from the rain from the day before. We reached the summit at 10:30 and had some snacks then headed back down. And reached the car around 3:00 pm. It was a good trip to begin with and I'm glad we finished the Santanoni range.
-ADK Gurl

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