Friday, August 10, 2012

No M&Ms On Emmons

 View of Seward off of Donaldson
 Top of Donaldson
 Top of Emmons
 Top of Seward
View off of Seward

On Tuesday night we drove into Corey's and slept in the car. The following morning we were on the trail at 6:00 hoping to grab all three peaks. The walk into the start of the Calkins Brook herd path was quick along the road. Once we got to the cairn we made a left onto the herd path. We stopped to fill up with water a couple times along the way. The climb up was not very hard it was pretty moderate all the way up with a few rock scrambles right after the split to Seward. We reached the summit at 10:00 and then headed over to Emmons. The bog was not bad but I imagine it was only because of the lack of rain. We went over two bumps to get to Emmons and there were quite a few rock scrambles. We reached the top off Emmons at 11:30. We had a half hour lunch then we headed back over to Donaldson. When we got to the top of Donaldson we were tired but had no desire to gain the elevation again, or drive all the way up to Corey's. It was 1:00 and we had time to get over to Seward and back. We decided to give it a shot and see how far we got. At the junction we dropped 150 feet of elevation and then we were in the col. We went over one small bump and then started our ascent. The trail was filled with fun not too difficult rock climbs. We got to the top of Seward around 2:00. By 4:00 we were back at the junction and then started our descent. We headed down the herd path slowly since we were pretty tired. We got to the car at 8:00 with three more peaks under our belt. It felt pretty good to get the Sewards out of the way.
-ADK Gurl

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