Friday, July 20, 2012

Nyece and Easy On Nye and Street

The split to Street and Nye
 Top of Street (sorry it is so dark, the sun caused it to be this way)
Top of Nye

View from trail

Last weekend we hiked Street and Nye. We started off early at 6:30 from the ADK Loj. The hike was pretty flat going in untill we reached Nye Brook which was when the trail started gaining elevation and the day started getting hotter. The hike up was hard in the heat and deer flies pestered us endlessly. At one point I was ready to turn around but we kept heading up. Around 9:30 we hit the trail junction and headed towards Street. From the junction we headed up a little bit but not much. We were at the summit of Street at 10. We turned around and headed onto Nye. The climb up Nye wasn't really much of a climb but more like a like a staircase. We got to the summit of Nye at 11:30. Then we headed back down. The deer flies were what kept driving us down the mountain. We finished our hike at 2 right as storms were starting to come in.
-ADK Gurl

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  1. Another great hike. Leantos aren't so bad - we will have to stay in one again.