Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Queen Of New York

Lake Tear Of The Clouds (Start of the Hudson River)

Top of Marcy

Marcy Dam (the bridge is out from

Yesterday we hiked Mount Marcy the tallest peak in NY. It was a long hard hike but we met up with a guy who is attempting to get to the tallest point in each of the 50 states. The hike up was moderately steep but not bad. Once we got to the last mile to half mile it got steeper and we were on bare open rock. Almost at the top of Marcy we came across some ice. Winter is coming fast in the peaks we may only have one or two hikes left for the year but luckily all of the High Peaks are open from Irene a few weeks back. We started at South Meadows. South Meadows is a road that is used for emergencies only but people hike on it. We chose this route because we didn't want to pay for parking and since the Marcy Dam Bridge is out we were not sure how the brook crossing would be. Other than this it would make us walk an extra three tenths of a mile. My Dad said we would take the lodge is we ever do this again because we hated those last few tenths. The hike was a total of 15.3 miles and I'm still sore from all that walking.
-ADK Gurl


  1. Wow you are getting to be one strong hiker! I had trouble keeping up with you on this hike. 10 hours of hike time, 11 hours elapsed, this was quite some journey. You now have bragging rights for standing on the highest spot in NY.

  2. Yep we both do! I agree 11 hours is a long day.