Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Al...And Iroquois and Wright

Top of Algonguin with clouds

The Tent

Algonguin from Wright

Top of Wright (I was really tierd)

Top Of Iroquois

Boundary looking at Iroquois

Boundary (not a High Peak) looking at Algonquin

We finally did the backpacking trip we have been wanting to do. Algonquin, Iroquois and Wright. We started hiking around 7:30 am by taking the trail head by the ADK Loj. We dropped off our gear by the campsite at the waterfall. The trail up was steep but in excellent condition. We got to the top of Algonquin around noon right when the clouds were parting. Then after Algonquin we hiked over to Iroquois. The hike over to Iroquois was not bad but very boggy. The hardest part was at the end when there was a big rock that seemed kind of dangerous. We went to the right and avoided the rock scramble. Once we got to the top of Iroquois we went back to Algonquin then went down and decided to do Wright. I was exhausted but we managed to make it up. I was very glad we decided to camp out.
-ADK Gurl


  1. As always - a great trip with you Gurl. You are a great backpacker, and a fun partner on a ling hike. That was a big day, hiking in under full pack setting up camp and bagging three peaks in one day - wow!

  2. You were able to circumvent the rock scramble on Iroquois and reach the summit? I plan on doing this hike tomorrow for the first time.